Sustainable asphalt

Asphalts designed to improve sustainability across our road networks

More sustainable asphalts that help reduce carbon emissions, extend pavement life and reduce waste.

More sustainable highways maintenance starts with investing in smarter materials. Tarmac have developed a range of innovative asphalts that extend pavement life, reduce carbon emissions, eliminate waste and deliver a more sustainable approach to highway maintenance.

Tarmac’s industry leading ULTILOW warm mix asphalts reduce carbon emissions during manufacture and installation. Our rubber modified asphalts turn old tyres into new roads and footpaths while delivering, on average an 8% reduction on CO2 and reducing waste by incorporating the rubber from around 500 tyres per kilometre of road. While Ultipatch Sitemix, our award winning asphalt for mobile asphalt batch heaters helps to eliminate waste from highways maintenance activities.

  • ULTIPAVE R BBA HAPAS approved 10 & 14mm rubber modified thin layer surfacing system.
  • Rubber Modified Asphalt Turning old tyres into new roads
  • ULTILOW Sustainable, warm mix low temperature asphalt
  • ULTILIFE Asphalt with lasting workability
  • ULTIFOAM Closed loop asphalt recycling solution
  • ULTIPAVE 6mm, 10mm & 14mm BBA HAPAS asphalt for road surfacing
  • ULTIPAVE Single Layer 20mm asphalt for fast, single layer resurfacing
  • ULTILAYER Flexible, crack resisting polymer modified asphalt for highly trafficked roads
  • ULTIFLEX Clause 942 BBA HAPAS approved polymer modified asphalt thin surface course
  • ULTILIFE Hotbox Longer lasting hotbox asphalt
  • ULTIPATCH Sitemix Site mixed asphalt for use with asphalt heaters
  • ULTIFASTPAVE Fast, single layer resurfacing asphalt for roads and car parks

Watch our expert panel at Highways UK Online 2020 discussing the benefits of using warm mix asphalt products.

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