Fast, single layer resurfacing asphalt for roads and car parks


ULTIFASTPAVE allows for fast, efficient, single layer road resurfacing. 

ULTIFASTPAVE has been developed as a single layer application for urban and estate road maintenance, that require a cost effective durable surface course.  The single layer technology replaces the traditional binder and surface course construction approach. This enables construction times to be reduced and disruption for road users to be minimised.

ULTIFASTPAVE single layer technology is also used as a construction method on new car parks and associated link roads. The single layer approach, in place of dual layer construction reduces construction delivery times, providing a durable cost effective surfacing solution.

ULTIFASTPAVE is available as a warm mix asphalt using Tarmac's ULTILOW binder technology, for up to 15% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.


Where can ULTIFASTPAVE be used?

Long lasting rural roads

The internal properties in ULTIFASTPAVE provides a durable long lasting surface making it the ideal choice for use on rural roads.

Rapid resurfacing of urban roads

When urban roads need to be resurfaced, ULTIFASTPAVE enables fast single layer construction that can help reduce programme times and minimise disruption.


Surface for car parks

For new or replacement car park surfaces, ULTIFASTPAVE allows paving to be completed quickly with minimum site closure or operational disruption.


Additional info

ULTIFASTPAVE is used for fast, efficient, single layer road resurfacing.

ULITIFASTPAVE is ideal for fast efficient, single layer car park surfacing

For fast, efficient, single layer road resurfacing and for fast efficient, single layer car park surfacing, ULTIFASTPAVE is the perfect choice of asphalt.

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