Asphalt with lasting workability


ULTILIFE is an advanced asphalt that maintains workability and compaction, even in difficult conditions.

Delayed start times, deteriorating weather conditions and lower than expected ambient temperatures can all present challenges when using conventional asphalts. ULTILIFE uses the latest binder technology to maintain workability, even in difficult conditions, for a better finish and long lasting performance.

ULTILIFE offers less wasted asphalt for more sustainable highways maintenance.


Where can ULTILIFE be used?

Reducing waste in highway maintenace

ULTILIFE is an advanced asphalt that stays workable for longer, helping highway maintenace teams to reduce wasted asphalt and improve the sustainability of their operations.

Responding to changing requirements

The extended workability of ULTILIFE asphalt helps  maintenance teams respond to changes in project timescales and programme requirements without concerns over the asphalt becoming unusable.

Responding to challenging conditions

ULTILIFE helps to maintain workability and compaction to deliver a consistent and high quality finish, despite challenging weather conditions.


Additional info

The properties in ULTILIFE advanced asphalt provide a better finish and a long lasting performance. ULTILIFE utilises the latest binder technology to maintain workability, even in difficult conditions.

ULTILIFE allows maintenance teams to quickly respond to challenging requirements such as changes in project timescales, weather conditions and programme requirements.

ULTILIFE is just one of the many innovative asphalt solutions from Tarmac.

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