Asphalt for playgrounds


ULTIPLAY is an asphalt designed for playgrounds.

Safety is the main consideration when designing any play surface. Loose aggregate, cracked or uneven surfaces and standing water or ice, can all put children’s safety at risk. Specifically developed for recreational applications, ULTIPLAY is a dense, low texture asphalt, designed to provide a safe play surface and deliver long term durability in demanding environments like playgrounds and skate parks. 

ULTIPLAY is a safe playground surface.


Where can ULTIPLAY be used?

Safe, accessible playground surface for schools

ULTIPLAY asphalt is safe for use by children and wheelchair users making it the perfect choice for school environments.

Asphalt surface skate parks and youth centres

The smooth, even, low texture asphalt surface is ideal for areas like skate parks that require low roll resistance and a less abrasive texture.

Safe surface for parks and community spaces

As a long lasting asphalt surface for parks and community spaces, ULTIPLAY retains a coherent surface and avoids the safety risk associated with cracked surfaces or uneven flagstones or block pavers.


Additional info

Safety first.
Continuous surface abrasion can tear aggregate from the standard binders. The resulting loose aggregate can cause safety issues, increasing the risk of slips and falls. The modified binder in ULTIPLAY allows excellent compaction and helps maintain surface cohesion so that aggregate remains locked in place. ULTIPLAY is available with selected aggregates to meet specific site requirements. This includes fine graded limestone that is less abrasive to the skin in the event of a fall.

ULTIPLAY provides a low maintenance finish. The seasonal threat from frost and weeds can cause severe damage to conventional asphalt surfaces. The expansion of ice generates sufficient force to turn small faults into hazardous cracks. The durable surface of ULTIPLAY provides enhanced resistance to these seasonal threats. This helps to maintain a safe and stable surface and minimise the need for maintenance and repairs. As a result, playgrounds last longer and budgets can be spent on new equipment rather than repairs.

ULTIPLAY is just one of the many innovative asphalt solutions form Tarmac.



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