ULTITRACK Motorsport

Specialist asphalt for motor racing circuits.


ULTITRACK Motorsport is a specialist asphalt for motor racing circuits.

ULTITRACK Motorsport is a specialist asphalt designed for motor racing circuits and automotive test tracks. It uses a high performance Total Styrelf GP™ polymer modified bitumen binder and a carefully selected aggregate with a high polished stone value for a consistent track surface with excellent ride quality and breaking performance and a long lasting texture.

ULTITRACK Motorsport can also be used as an automotive test track asphalt surface.


Where can ULTITRACK Motorsport be used?

Asphalt for motor racing circuits

ULTITRACK MOTORSPORT is a race circuit asphalt with excellent ride quality. Designed specifically for surfacing of motor racing circuits, ULTITRACK MOTORSPORT delivers the outstanding ride quality that drivers expect.

Asphalt for automotive test tracks

ULTITRACK MOTORSPORT is an asphalt surfacing ideal for automotive test tracks. ULTITRACK MOTORSPORT specialist asphalt provides the consistent, long lasting finish required by automotive test tracks.

Asphalt for motorcycle circuits

ULTITRACK MOTORSPORT is a specialist motorcycle circuit asphalt. The smooth, even, consistent surface of ULTITRACK MOTORSPORT asphalt is ideal for motorcycle racing circuits and outdoor carting tracks.

Why use ULTITRACK Motorsport?

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ULTITRACK MOTORSPORT has a high performance binder designed for race circuits. The advanced binder has been proven on some of the leading race tracks in the world including the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and Circuito de Jerez in Spain. It effectively locks in aggregate and has impressive fatigue resistance, with the ability to withstand repeated loading on the race circuit but still return to its original shape without permanent deformation of the surface.

ULTITRACK MOTORSPORT has proven performance on UK motor racing circuits. Resurfacing of the Croft motor racing circuit in North Yorkshire during 2019 was completed using ULTITRACK MOTORSPORT asphalt. Colin Turkington, current and three times British Touring Car Champion provided his perspective as a driver: “I was really impressed with the resurfacing at Croft. The new tarmac made a significant improvement to the grip levels in both wet and dry conditions and for a driver, more grip means more speed, so that’s perfect...in total we were lapping around 2 seconds quicker than last year. That’s a massive gain in lap time!” 

ULTITRACK MOTORSPORT is a specialist asphalt for motorsports, motor racing, motorcycle racing, outdoor carting tracks and motor vehicle test tracks.

ULTITRACK MOTORSPORT is just one of the many innovative asphalt solutions form Tarmac.

Watch Tarmac and Total collaboratively install the new Croft racing circuit.


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