FASTFLOOR Beam and block

Traditional flooring system


Fastfloor Beam and Block used with standard dense aggregate blocks. This flooring system is robust and simple to use providing little waste as the left-over product can be easily incorporated into other areas of your build.

FastFloor – Beam and Block flooring system comprises inverted T-beams infilled with either Topcrete dense aggregate block or alternatively a lightweight aggregate block.

This traditional building method using modern materials is an effective solution for both suspended ground and internal floors.


Where can FASTFLOOR Beam and block be used?

Suspended ground floor

Fastfloor beam and block can be used in suspended ground floors allowing for ventilation and air flow and the prevention of any sort of rot or mould that could happen over damp ground.

Dense Aggregate blocks

Fastfloor Beam and Block have been designed to used with standard dense Aggregate blocks


Why use FASTFLOOR Beam and block?

Thermal bridging

In addition to the heat loss through the floor, expressed by the U-value of the floor, considerable heat is also lost at the junction with the external wall. This is described as thermal bridging.

Dealing effectively with thermal bridging can benefit the SAP energy calculations up to 12% for a typical semidetached house. Up to 2% of this can be attributed to the ground floor junction with the external wall. The construction industry has developed a number of schemes that provide simple, cost effective detailing.


Typical Fast floor Beam and Block details.

1 The R-value of the perimeter insulation should be at least 0.8m2K/W

2 Ensure the floor insulation is tightly butted against the external wall

3 Continue the cavity insulation at least 225mm below the top of the concrete

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