Large concrete blocks


Fastfloor Rapid flooring blocks ultilises Tarmac's unique 620 x 530 large format Aircrete flooring block which delivers real benefits to the majority of builds. With considerable benefits including an enhanced acoustic and thermal performance within the floor and all the health and safety benefits associated with using an Aircrete block. Further benefits with Fastfloor Rapid's flooring solution can be found with materials usage as fewer beams and fewer blocks can be used within the floor giving you cost savings not just in insulation but also in installation costs over most floor sizes. 

Combining our inverted T-beams with Durox Aircrete large format blocks this system will deliver more flexibility in the design of the floor whilst reducing build times and the number of beams required on site.   


Where can FASTFLOOR Rapid be used?

Suspended ground floor

Fastfloor Rapid can be used in suspended ground floors allowing for ventilation and air flow and the prevention of any sort of rot or mould that could happen over damp ground.

Domestic market

All of the Fastfloor packages incorporate our 150mm prestressed concrete beams, perfect for the domestic market. Application within both suspended ground and internal floors.


Why use FASTFLOOR Rapid?

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