Thermal flooring system


Fastfloor Thermal is our total insulated flooring option. Our Fastfloor Thermal system is the ultimate solution for reducing thermal bridging with no additional insulation required. This system can comprise of either an underslug infill block or a simple infill block which sits between the Fastfloor beams and is covered by a high-performance EPS Topsheet board- both options totally removing the need for any additional insulation and capable of reaching U Values as low as 0.08 W/m2K. With almost zero waste, this solution uses nearly all offcuts in the floor and also requires fewer beams than the traditional beam and block solution, reducing installation costs. 

In addition, Fastfloor Thermal is quick, easy to install and adds value to your build. Suitable for ground floors. 


Where can FASTFLOOR Thermal be used?

Suspended ground floor

Fastfloor beam and block can be used in suspended ground floors allowing for ventilation and air flow and the prevention of any sort of rot or mould that could happen over damp ground.

Domestic market

All of the Fastfloor packages incorporate our 150mm prestressed concrete beams, perfect for the domestic market. Application within both suspended ground floors.


Why use FASTFLOOR Thermal?

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