Cement Bound Granular Mixture (CBGM)

Heavy duty pavement solution.


HBMs (hydraulically bound mixtures) of are a mixture of aggregate with a binder that sets through hydraulic action. The traditional HBM in the UK is CBM (cement bound macadam). This is now more commonly known as CBGM (Cement Bound Granular Mixture).

CBGM (cement bound granular material) is a cost effective way to build a heavy duty, durable pavement – fast. It offers an alternative to more traditional flexible materials (ie AC HDM).

The binder can be rapid setting like cement or slow setting like PFA and slag.

HBMs can be used in road foundations (as a stronger alternative to traditional unbound Type 1 sub-base) or in flexible composite pavements where it replaces the asphalt base layer.

Where can Cement Bound Granular Mixture (CBGM) be used?

Pavement construction

CBGM is typically used to form foundations or pavement base.

Airfield infrastructure

Due to the extreme demands of airfield pavements CGBM offers durable, heavy duty performance.

Loading and storage areas

CBGM is suitable for installation in most external loading and storage environments. It is typically used to form the foundation or base of a pavement.


Designed to performance in extreme conditions, CBGM, heavy duty pavements are durable solutions to the demands of a port environment.


Suitable for harbour infrastructure CBGM can be used to form the foundation or base of a pavements for harbours.


CBGM can be used on anything from country roads, airfields, ports, harbours and motorways. In most environments it used to form the foundation or base of a pavement. It is often overlaid by a flexible pavement (known as composite) or it can be block paved (as seen at some ports/harbours).

It can significantly reduce pavement costs by supplying HBM as a replacement for the base course asphalt and unbound sub-base layers/capping layers. In many heavy duty pavement cases the pavement depth can be reduced by using an HBM.

The aggregates used can be either virgin crushed rock, sand/gravel or even recycled, this provides a sustainable pavement solution. On the A180 CBGM tarbound hazardous millings where used as part of the constituent aggregate proportion, saving expensive disposal costs (£70 to 100/T).

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CBGM – reduced haulage and disposal of contaminated waste. Save time, disruption and cost.
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Cost effective, time efficiencies and utilization of recycled materials.
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RAF Waddington

Reduced vehicle movements, time savings and reduced disruption.
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