High performance concrete


Toproc is a high performance concrete.

Toproc delivers high optimal strength and performance in the most challenging environments.

In harsh conditions, the need for high strength, high performance concrete is obvious. In many applications such as underwater construction and high trafficked areas, erosion-prone conventional concretes are not an option, while the use of inferior strength products result in costly repair work within years.

To meet this challenge Tarmac offers a range of high performance concretes, which remain one of the most technologically advanced on the market.

Providing exceptional strength and ultimate abrasion resistance, there are seven ready-formulated Toproc products available.

Bespoke formulations can also be designed to meet specific requirements.

Toproc is a high performing, durable concrete with silica fume to provide extreme toughness and optimal strength in extreme conditions.


Where can Toproc be used?

High performance concrete for waste transfer

Toproc concrete delivers high optimal strength which is ideal for waste transfer stations.

High performance concrete for yards

The durable properties of Toproc concrete make it ideal for use in industrial yards.

High performance concrete for factories

Toproc concrete delivers high optimal strength which is ideal for factory and heavy industrial use.

High performance concrete for sea defence

Toproc is a high performance concrete that can be used for sea defence walls.

High performance concrete for cold stores

Toproc concrete delivers high performance which means it can be used in cold stores.

High performance concrete for steel works

The durable properties of Toproc concrete allows for continued use in steel works.

A performance concrete for high rise buildings

The properties of Toproc concrete make it ideal for use in high rise buildings.

High performance concrete for supermarkets

Toproc concrete delivers high optimal durability and speeds up construction, making it ideal for use in supermarkets.

A performance concrete for harsh conditions

Toproc is ideal for infrastructure construction, airport runway repairs and structures under repair.

Why use Toproc?

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Toproc is a high performing, durable concrete with silica fume to provide extreme toughness and optimal strength in extreme conditions. It is ideal for any applications requiring high early strength.

Toproc harnesses the power of admixtures. Key to the exceptional performance, strength, cohesion and durability of Toproc is the presence of tailored admixtures in its mix, primarily silica-fume. These materials provide enhanced resistance to water ingress, chemicals and impact abrasion compared to conventional concrete materials.

Toproc offers increased strength for harsh environments. Thanks to the presence of the specific admixtures, Toproc provides a robust, resilient concrete containing fewer capillary pores than conventional concretes and therefore providing a very dense concrete matrix with low permeability.

Toproc is available in a range of proprietary formulations suitable for many specific applications.

Toproc is ideal for most industrial, commercial and infrastructure construction and repair uses. Toproc offers high surface strength and low dust properties, which can often negate the need for paint or resin surface finishes.

Toproc’s in-situ compressive strength is much higher than conventional concrete achieving typically 20-25N/mm2 at 24 hours, depending on section size and ambient temperature at time of laying.

Toproc is available in the following variants, TOPROC UW – Under Water, TOPROC MF – Macro Fibre, TOPROC SY – Scrap Yard, TOPROC ED – Early Drying, TOPROC CR – Chemical Resistant, TOPROC HR – Heat Resistant.

TOPROC UW – Under Water

  • A high consistency, high strength concrete. Wash-out reduced by up to 50%.
  • Scour and wear resistant when hardened.
  • Less harmful to flora and sea life.
  • Applications and beyond: all underwater constructions, bridges, water defences, wind farms, oil rigs.

TOPROC MF – Macro Fibre

  • Provides high strength and eliminates ‘A’ grade crack control mesh.
  • Increased strength and crack resistance.
  • Reduces costs over a longer lifetime Applications: heavy industrial floors, external hard standings, recycling plants, retail flooring.

TOPROC SY – Scrap Yard

  • Extreme abrasion/wear resistance.
  • Wide joint spacing possible.
  • Resistant to continuous impact.
  • Excellent initial impact and
  • post-crack performance.
  • Can eliminate ‘A’ grade crack control mesh Applications: scrap yards, recycling plant floors, industrial flooring, docksides, loading bays.

TOPROC ED – Early Drying

  • Quicker drying than conventional concretes.
  • Concrete can be walked on after just 18 hours.
  • Can be trafficked by light vehicles after 24 hours.
  • 75% relative humidity within 7-21 days (depending on ambient temperature)
  • Applications: flooring, bridge decks, underpass soffits, resin toppings and tiles, retail spaces.

TOPROC CR – Chemical Resistant

  • High resistance to a variety of chemicals.
  • Less wear in high abrasion environments.
  • Reduces costs over longer lifetime.
  • Applications: chemical works, effluent treatment plants, waste storage, recycling depots.

TOPROC HR – Heat Resistant

  • Extreme heat resistance.
  • High bond to concrete and steel.
  • High strength – compressive, flexural and tensile.
  • Very low permeability.
  • Applications: foundry floors, molten metal splash areas, fire resistant sections, cladding and coating.

All Toproc products are readily available across mainland UK from our network of ready mixed concrete plants. The concrete is delivered to site in ready mixed concrete trucks at a consistence suitable for the application, but generally at a higher consistence than conventional concrete, which, together with Toproc’s unique properties, can make Toproc easier to pump, place, pour etc.

We offer a unique information and advisory service for all applications and type of concrete to assist users and specifiers of concrete to solve problems and optimise the benefits available from Tarmac’s unique range of special products.

Toproc is available with lower carbon savings, read more about our sustainable concrete here.

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