Traditional Concrete

Conventional concrete


Traditional Concrete is a conventional concrete. It is a durable construction material with a wide range of construction applications.

A well known, multi-use construction material Traditional Concrete is available in a wide variety of forms dependent on the end application.

Traditional Concrete has been widely used in the construction industry for many years and has a wide range of applications across multiple construction sectors including: commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural and infrastructure usage.


Where can Traditional Concrete be used?

Traditonal concrete for domestic use

Traditional Concrete can be used for house footings, building foundations, domestic house floors, external paths and walkways.

Traditional Concrete for industrial use

Traditional Concrete is ideal for concrete piling, ground stabilistation, ringbeams, general groundworks, enabling packages, external and internal floor slabs.

Traditional concrete for residential use

Traditional Concrete is ideal for use in residential footings, building foundations, floors, external paths and walkways.

Traditonal concrete for agricultural use

The properties in Traditional Concrete make it ideal for agricultural settings in silos bases, external floor slabs and internal floor slabs in livestock & storage areas.

Traditonal concrete for commercial use

The properties in Traditional concrete make it ideal to be used for foundations, general groundworks Internal floor slabs and external floor slabs.

Traditonal concrete for infrastructure use

Traditinal Concrete can be used for road construction - drainage areas/safety barriers, waterproof structures, flood defences, bridge construction, wall construction and trench fills.

Why use Traditional Concrete?

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Traditional Concrete is widely available throughout the UK in its readymixed form produced at Concrete Batching plants and delivered on mixer trucks in various forms dependent on the strength and workability requirements of the client and end use application.

Traditional Concrete is a blend of cement/ cement combinations, fine aggregate- sand / crushed rock fines , coarse aggregate of different size specification - granite, gravel, limestone, re-cycled aggregate etc, water, add mixtures- as required

Traditional Concrete covers a wide range of applications fit for its end use purpose but can also be designed to achieve specific , individual requirements for e.g. its open life, workability, rate of strength gain, durability, density, porosity and ultimate end point compressive strength.

Traditional Concrete is available with lower carbon savings, read more about our sustainable concrete here.

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