Instant workable mortar


HYDROCURE has been specifically formulated to enhance the performance of mortar, and lessen the effect of moisture migration when used in conjunction with high suction masonry units. With the qualities of dry silo pre-blended mortar, once mixed, HYDROCURE is an instant, workable mortar with the added benefit of improving water retention to allow >90% retentivity.

Tarmac Hydrocure and Hydrocure+ Dry silo mortars are a performance range of factory produced mortars which combat the effects of high absorbency masonry units used in superstructure elevations. Specially formulated to improve cohesiveness and water retention properties of the mortar, manufactured to complement the standard range under the same computer controlled conditions. Tarmac Hydrocure and Hydrocure+ dry silo mortar is delivered direct to site in state- of-the art silos, each complete with an integral mixing unit. Once power and water have been connected, mortar can be produced at a touch of a button.



Where can Hydrocure be used?


All popular used masonry units, or masonry units with above average water absorption characteristics.

Small projects 

Typically supplied in the convenience of a bulk bag for site mixing with water.

Large projects

This can be supplied in a silo or in the convenience of a bulk bag for site mixing with water.

Why use Hydrocure?

Colours Available

With a history in coloured mortar dating back to the 1930's and a choice of more than 50 colour shades, our recognised 'Y' reference colours are factory produced to ensure colour consistency batch after batch.