Cemscreed 1

A specially formulated cement for the site batching of rapid setting and rapid drying floor screeds


Cemscreed 1 is a specially formulated cement for the site batching of rapid setting and rapid drying floor screeds. Cemscreed 1 is ideal for use in commercial environments where rapid installation and high strength are required. It produces a screed of category A soundness that is ready for the laying of flooring after just 24 hours.

Cemscreed 1 can be used to produce either bonded screeds, unbonded screeds laid onto a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM), or floating screeds. Bay divisions and expansion joints should be incorporated as for standard sand/cement screeds.


Where can Cemscreed 1 be used?

Internal floors

Cemscreed can be used for repair or laying new floors in schools, supermarkets and domestic properties.

Underfloor heating

Cemscreed is suitable for use over underfloor heating systems.

Repair work

Cemscreed can be used for the rapid repair of existing floor screeds.

Why use Cemscreed 1?

Additional info

Depth of screed 3:1 4:1
25mm 2.25m2 3m2
30mm 1.87m2 2.5m2
35mm 1.6m2 2.1m2
40mm 1.3m2 1.87m2
50mm 1.1m2 1.5m2
60mm 0.93m2 1.25m2

Approximate coverage per 20kg bag.

Packaging and Storage - Tarmac Cemscreed 1 is available in nominal 25kg sacks, palletised and shrink wrapped. Tarmac Cemscreed 1 may also be available in Intermediate Bulk Containers or in Bulk Powder Tankers.

Palletised Tarmac Cemscreed 1 should be stored in cool dry areas clear of the ground, sheeted or under cover and stacked not more than two pallets high. The product should be used on a first in – first out basis.

Shelf life is minimum 3 months when properly stored but could be in excess of 6 months subject to temperature and humidity.

Quality control - All Pozament products are factory blended, tested and packaged to quality control procedures in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001.

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