Truscreed 5

Pre blended sand cement screed


Truscreed 5 is a rapid drying floor screed developed to fulfil the need for quick drying factory produced high performance screeds suitable for all common floor finishes. Truscreed 5 is perfect for jobs that need a quick turnaround to allow foot traffic and final floor coverings.

Tarmac Truscreed and Truscreed HD are thoroughly mixed accurately controlled blend of the following materials.

• Well-graded fine aggregate (sand) conforming to BS EN 12620/BS EN 13139

• Portland cement conforming to BS EN 197-1.

• Retarding/water reducing admixture conforming to BS EN 934-2/3 giving the optimum working time, normally usable for 8 – 12 hours from the time of mixing.

• Water conforming to BS EN 1008, to give the optimum semi-dry consistency for easy laying and thorough compaction.

Where can Truscreed 5 be used?

Concrete slabs

Truscreed 5 can be used for solid concrete ground floor slabs.

Precast and beams

Truscreed 5 can be used with precast concrete units or beams with reinforcement.

Underfloor heating

The properties within Truscreed 5 make it ideal for use in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.

Why use Truscreed 5?

Additional info

Delivery - Bulk loads in tipper road trucks generally up to 10-20 tonnes. For smaller deliveries or to suit site specific requirements the delivery can be supplied in Bulk Bags.

Density Typical Test Results Density kg/m3 Fresh wet un-compacted 1,850 – 2,000 Compacted set and air dried 2,000 – 2,200

Typical Drying Times Allow approximately 5 - 7 days per 25mm of thickness. If the screed is very thick, or the concrete base has an excessive moisture content, this time should be increased.

High humidity or low temperatures will also delay the drying out process. As the drying time indicated applies from completion of any curing operation, the flooring contractor must check the moisture content of the screed before laying the floor finish.

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