Tufscreed F

Sand cement self levelling


Tufscreed F has been developed to meet the increasing demands of factory produced sand/cement levelling screeds and incorporates an even dispersion of polypropylene fibres throughout the mix. The presence of fibres can help to achieve a more cohesive material and help control cracking caused by intrinsic stresses.

Tufscreed F is ideally suitable for use in hospitals, offices, superstores, industrial and other applications where there would be a high cost in loss of use through floor failure due to surface cracking of the levelling screed.

Tarmac Tufscreed F is produced by adding the optimum amount of fibres to any screed designations.

Where can Tufscreed F be used?

Concrete slabs

Tufscreed F can be used for solid concrete ground floor slabs.

Precast and beams

Tufscreed F can be used with precast concrete units or beams with reinforcement.

Underfloor heating

The properties within Tufscreed F make it ideal for use in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.

Why use Tufscreed F?

Additional info

Delivery - Bulk loads in tipper road trucks generally up to 10-20 tonnes. For smaller deliveries or to suit site specific requirements the delivery can be supplied in Bulk Bags.

Performance - The inclusion of polypropylene fibres provides a three dimensional system of secondary or crack control reinforcement and may be considered as an alternative to steel wire fabric traditionally employed for this purpose. Polypropylene fibres should not be used as an alternative to primary structural reinforcement.

Typical Drying Times - Allow approximately one month per 25mm of thickness. Where the screed is above 50mm, any thickness above 50mm should be allowed to dry for two months per 25mm of thickness. Where the concrete base has excessive moisture content these times should be increased. High humidity or low temperature will also delay the drying out process. As the drying times indicated apply from the completion of any curing operations, the flooring contractor must check the moisture content of the screed prior to laying the final floor finish.

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