Hi-Flow Commercial

A cost effective solution which is self-compacting, self-levelling and free flowing.


Tarmac's Hi-Flow Commercial is a free flowing, self-smoothing, protein free commercial underlayment which is obtained by mixing water with a carefully selected pre-blended formulation of high quality raw materials.

When laid at thicknesses from 3mm to 20mm Hi-Flow Commercial is suitable for use in commercial buildings where the need is for a smooth surface which can readily receive overlayment materials.


Where can Hi-Flow Commercial be used?

Flooring underlayment

When laid at thicknesses from 5mm to 20mm HiFlow Commercial is suitable for internal use in light to medium use buildings where the need is for a smooth surface which can readily receive floor coverings such as vinyl or carpet coverings. Rapid drying of the system allows coverings to be laid 24 hours after application. Examples of use include shop floors, domestic properties and offices.

Why use Hi-Flow Commercial?

Additional info

Packaging and Storage - Hi-Flow Commercial is available in nominal 25kg sacks, palletised and shrink wrapped. Hi-Flow Commercial may also be available in Intermediate Bulk Containers or in Bulk Powder Tankers.

Palletised Hi-Flow Commercial should be stored in cool dry areas clear of the ground, sheeted or under cover and stacked not more than two pallets high. The product should be used on a first in – first out basis. Shelf life is minimum 3 months when properly stored but could be in excess of 6 months subject to temperature and humidity.

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