Waste recovery, recycling and soil management


Nationwide specialist Managing Construction, Demolition & Excavation wastes.

Every year construction consumes around 400 million tonnes of raw materials. It also produces over 120 million tonnes of construction, demolition and excavation (CD&E) waste resource.

Today, with efforts focused on climate action, REUSE management of waste resources offers immediate opportunities for progressive change.

Every time you think about and action the reuse of waste resources you will help to preserve valuable mineral resources, reduce waste sent to landfill and help to reduce the carbon footprint of construction.

Working together we can help you meet individual and legislative sustainability commitments.


Recovery and landfill

At Tarmac we use only the construction waste that can’t be recycled as restoration material to create new environments in old quarries.

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Recovered materials are reprocessed to create a range of new recycled aggregates.

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Compliance with Environmental Permits and a range of legislation, regulatory guidance and industry codes of practice.

- Environmental Protection Act
- Waste Framework Directive
- Landfill directive

- Environmental Permitting Regulations
- Controlled Waste Regulations

Guidance and Codes of practice
- Technical Guidance WM3
- Duty of Care Code of Practice

*Devolved regulations apply geographically

Quality assured licensed operations

CIWM Affiliated
WRAP Quality Protocol
14001 Environmental Management Systems
BSI ISO 9001 quality