Tarmac Contracting is the UK’s leading supplier of highways surfacing, operating a fleet of 124 surfacing and planing machines which lay around 3.5 million tonnes of asphalt each year. Ranging from resurfacing of motorways, roads and pathways, to the construction of car parks, runways and running tracks.


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In the process over 1 million tonnes of road arisings are dug up and responsibly disposed of. Much of this is recycled either off-site by our nationwide network of specially modified asphalt plants, or on-site using our ground-breaking ULTIFOAM system, which enables 95% of road arisings to be recycled and reused. We also install a range of specialist surfaces from our ULTIGRIP longer lasting skid resistant surface that enhances road safety, to our ULTISuDs sustainable drainage surface which helps to mitigate localised flooding.
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Tarmac have played an integral role in the surfacing of some of the UK’s busiest airfields and runways, and as a result nobody understands the complexities and restrictions involved in working in this unique environment better than us.

Our surfacing expertise has been proven on major contracts including the rehabilitation of the southern runway at Heathrow Airport, the redevelopment of the runways and taxiways at both Norwich and Liverpool John Lennon Airports, the reconstruction of the main apron at Newcastle International Airport, and the replacement of Aircraft stands at London City.


In one of our most recent high profile projects, Tarmac completed the 2019 resurfacing of the Silverstone racetrack circuit in preparation for the Formula One British Grand Prix and the British Moto GP. The asphalt surface was a high-tech bespoke mix developed and designed by Drono, the renowned racetrack circuit engineering firm, and required meticulous precision and intricate logistical planning on behalf of Tarmac to ensure the job was delivered on spec and in time


Thin Surfacing

Surface dressing and slurry sealing help prolong the life of roads. Our ULTITHIN asphalt offers another cost effective and longer lasting alternative to surface dressing

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Sustainable Drainage

Tarmac offers a unique design and build service to install sustainable drainage solutions using porous asphalts and specialist drainage aggregates, helping to avoid localised flooding.

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ULTIGRIP skid resistant asphalt offers similar SCRIM levels to conventional anti-skid products, but typically lasts three times longer than alternative high friction surfacing.

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Reduced noise

Our low-noise surface ULTIFLEX ensures a consistent, even finish for users, reducing the impact of busy roads and improving living spaces.

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For the precision surfacing of velodromes, Tarmac’s knowledge has led to our experts teams working on some of the UK’s top cycle tracks. Applying the specialist UltiTrack Velodrome 6mm dense asphalt, we have been able to ensure a smooth, durable and low friction running surface with excellent ride quality.

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Recent case studies

A2 - Bean to Bluewater

The A2 between Bean and the Bluewater Shopping & Leisure Complex in Kent is a busy stretch of carriageway used by over 130,000 drivers every day. Over 2,500 tonnes of asphalt was laid in just 28 hours over the Easter weekend. This approach reduced the initial 53 day programme by 24 days and delivered a £400,000 cost saving for Highways England.

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Mersey Gateway

Mersey Gateway is a network of 7km of new roads designed to relieve congestion on the Silver Jubilee Bridge between Runcorn and Widnes. That bridge – itself an iconic structure – opened in 1961, and was designed to carry 8,000 vehicles a day. Over 50 years on and more than 80,000 vehicles were using it. Tarmac were instrumental in the regeneration scheme, laying approximately 200k tonnes of asphalt and committing over 80,000 man hours between November 2015 and September 2017 before the bridge re-opened.


ULTITRACK Motorsport at Croft

Tarmac's Contracting division completed a successful re-surfacing project at Croft racing circuit in North Yorkshire. A brand-new surface across the entire 2.1-mile circuit near Darlington saw experts at Tarmac’s technical centre develop an innovative and bespoke material for the project, UltiTrack Racing, using Total’s Styrelf high-performance polymer-modified binder. This was designed specifically to deliver excellent levels of grip while being robust enough to withstand the track’s high durability requirements.


All surfacing case studies

  • ULTILAYER Durable road surface, A58 Clay Pit Lane
  • ULTIGRIP Fast, long lasting replacement of high friction surfacing
  • ULTIFOAM and Cement Bound Granular Mixture (CBGM) RAF Waddington, sustainable pavement construction using Ultifoam and CBGM
  • ULTIFOAM A606, Rutland County Council The sustainable recycled road asphalt solution
  • ULTIFOAM Recycle TAR bound contaminated planings using ULTIFOAM in Sheffield
  • Rubber Modified Asphalt Canrobert Street, London’s first recycled road using Rubber Modified Asphalt
  • ULTIDRIVE Car park resurfacing in a busy, town centre supermarket
  • ULTILOW Driving efficiency and reducing carbon on on the A350
  • ULTITREC Sustainable recycled footpath for canal towpath
  • ULTIDRIVE POROUS Fast draining car park surface for college campus
  • ULTIDRIVE POROUS Safe, all weather car park at large brewery
  • ULTIDRIVE Durable car park surface for business headquarters
  • ULTIDRIVE Long lasting commercial car park asphalt for police centre
  • ULTITHIN Cost effective alternative to surface dressing
  • ULTISHIELD Durable, fuel resisting asphalt for busy bus station
  • ULTISHIELD Fuel resisting asphalt surface for service station
  • ULTIPHALT HD Tough, heavy duty asphalt for fire station
  • ULTIPHALT HD HGV resisting asphalt for busy retail park
  • ULTIPHALT HD Heavy duty car park surface for science research centre
  • ULTIPHALT HD Heavy duty, HGV resisting asphalt for business park
  • ULTIGLOW More visible footpath using glow in the dark asphalt
  • ULTILOW Fast resurfacing of a busy roundabout using warm mix asphalt
  • ULTILOW Warm mix asphalt for new link road
  • ULTILOW Warm mix asphalt road resurfacing on the busy M6 motoway
  • ULTILOW Reducing programme times and carbon emissions during road resurfacing
  • ULTILIFE HOTBOX Reducing wasted hotbox asphalt
  • ULTILIFE HOTBOX Reducing operating costs for asphalt hot boxes
  • ULTILAYER SAMI Preventing cracking in evolved roads
  • ULTLAYER SAMI Alternative to full depth replacement of concrete road
  • ULTILAYER SAMI Preventing cracking in concrete based road
  • ULTILAYER Preventing cracking and deformation on busy city road
  • ULTILAYER Time saving road upgrade to install sustainable cycle-way
  • ULTILAYER Durable asphalt for heavily trafficked city road in central London
  • ULTILAYER Time saving, cost effective asphalt for residential avenue
  • ULTILAYER Preventing repeating cracking on country road
  • ULTILAYER Long lasting asphalt for busy roundabout
  • ULTILAYER Long lasting texture on steep gradient
  • ULTIGUARD Chemical resistant asphalt for farm storage clamp
  • ULTIGUARD Chemical resistant asphalt for large silage clamps
  • ULTIGRIP Skid resisting asphalt for steep gradient
  • ULTIGRIP Skid resisting road surface for dangerous s-shaped bend
  • ULTIGRIP Long lasting surface texture on busy road junction
  • ULTIGRIP Time saving skid resisting road surface on major road
  • ULTIGRIP Safe, skid resisting asphalt for high risk road
  • ULTIGRIP Long lasting replacement for high friction surfacing
  • ULTIFLEX Quieter asphalt road surface for busy B-road
  • ULTIFLEX Quiet asphalt for a main road
  • ULTIFASTPAVE Less disruptive road surfacing for prestigious golf club
  • ULTIFASTPAVE Time saving road realignment, busy tourist location
  • ULTIFASTPAVE Fast single layer asphalt resurfacing of a busy rural road
  • ULTIFASTPAVE Time saving car park resurfacing, Rugby club
  • ULTIFASTPATH Resurfacing cracked asphalt footpaths, residential street
  • ULTIFASTPATH Long lasting asphalt footpath for nature reserve
  • ULTIFASTPATH Time saving footpath and cycle path construction
  • ULTIFASTPATH Cost effective asphalt footpath for nature reserve
  • ULTIFASTPATH Replacing cracked flagstones on a residential footpath
  • ULTICRETE Tough, heavy duty asphalt for new recycling plant
  • ULTICOLOUR Coloured asphalt for busy adventure park
  • ULTICOLOUR Coloured asphalt for retail park
  • ULTICOLOUR Coloured estate road surface for traditional housing development
  • ULTICOLOUR POROUS Coloured sports pitch for secondary school
  • ULTICOLOUR Coloured car park surface for a modern housing development
  • ULTICOLOUR Colourful visitor footpaths for a busy leisure park
  • ULTICOLOUR Decorative coastal footpath for nature reserve
  • ULTICOLOUR Decorative coloured asphalt for woodland footpath
  • ULTICOLOUR Lasting durability: 18 years of service on a busy bus route

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