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New coloured asphalt plant, supplying London, the south and the home counties

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Supplying London, the south and the home counties with premium coloured surfacing asphalt for landscaping, colour driveways, roads, coloured bus lanes, footpaths and car parking areas, Stevenage Ulticolour asphalt comes with a 5-year warranty and is laid by accredited contractors. 


Our Stevenage Ulticolour asphalt plant manufactures a range of BBA HAPAS approved, coloured asphalts using an advanced clear binder and high-quality, UK sourced aggregates, chosen to match the colour of the pigment.

From buff asphalt to blue, green or red coloured surfacing we can provide a range of durable, colour asphalt.

In partnership with Shell bitumen and Mexphalte C


Colour range

Colour your world

Started in Birmingham, but now in 12 cities across the country, Bike Life has informed policy decisions, justified investment and enabled cities to develop more ambitious action plans for cycling. 

In this episode we look at the city that started it all, and which has invested in the gold standard for cycling lanes. We also look at new government guidelines for safe cycle routes, and the asphalt that helps make it all possible.



Brian Kent
National Technical Director

Martin Philpot
Regional Design Engineering Lead

Waseem Zaffar
Birmingham City Council 


Ulticolor is a colourfast and durable solution for coloured surfaces such as cycle paths, bus lanes, driveways and footpaths. It is also tough enough to use on the busiest roads meeting Cl. 942 specification. 

Beautiful aesthetics and perfect for the demarcation of shared surfaces, Ulticolour is a flexible SMA material offering all the benefits of conventional asphalt. It is more durable than resin and delivers a smooth finish.

Bespoke asphalt colours available on request. Ulticolour porous asphalt is also available to eliminate the problem of surface water and to meet SuDs planning requirements.  

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Colour asphalt delivery or collection for accredited contractors.

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Please contact our team if you are interested in contracting accreditation.

Dedicated paver available to hire for use with Buff/Natural colours to eliminate contamination through traditional equipment.