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Low carbon concrete -
Pioneering the evolution of concrete

Transparent CO2 reduced concrete specification

At Tarmac, we are committed to progressing the decarbonisation of concrete supply. And as the materials science evolves over the next few years, we believe it is vital to assist our customers to make more sustainable concrete specification choices. That’s way we have simplified the process of choosing more sustainable, lower carbon concrete. Just let us know your desired industry-standard rating, from A++ to G, and we'll provide you with the perfect concrete solution for your project. Engineered to meet your application performance criteria.

Aligned with Sustainability Ratings

We've aligned our low carbon concrete supply with the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) Green Construction Board Low Carbon Concrete Routemap ratings. That means all you need to do is ask for CEVO concretes, specify your carbon reduction target, and we'll engineer the ideal low carbon concrete solution.


The Future of Sustainable Design

As cutting-edge materials science advancements shape the landscape of concrete design, we apply these innovations across the sustainability spectrum. Simply tell us your desired carbon rating, and we'll supply a solution, incorporating the latest alternative materials, such as limestone fillers and alkali-activated solutions.

Advancing progress in the materials science of low and lower carbon concrete

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Think how much carbon do you want to cut from your concrete and what are you building? CEVO engineered low carbon concretes will deliver.

Performance Benefits of Low Carbon Concrete

CEVO Low carbon concrete is a type of concrete that is designed to minimise its carbon footprint during its production.

Reduced carbon footprint

Low carbon concrete is specifically designed to minimize carbon dioxide emissions during production through the use of alternative materials.


Our low carbon concrete can be tailored to be just as robust and long-lasting as traditional concrete, making it an indispensable choice for construction materials.


Low carbon concrete can deliver comparable strength to traditional concrete, depending on the specific mix design and intended application.


Our low carbon concrete can be applied in a wide array of uses, including structural and non-structural applications, paving, and decorative purposes.

Widespread Availability

With the increasing demand for sustainable building materials in the UK, low carbon concrete options are becoming more readily accessible.


Low Carbon Concrete FAQs


Asphalt solutions

An ideal aggregate for base, binder and surface course asphalt products, the inherent properties of CSAggs, steel slag are assessed in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 13043 and can produce asphalt materials exhibiting superior properties to those manufactured with primary aggregate.

CSAggs, steel slag produces an aggregate that:

  • Provides excellent resistance to deformation of ruts in surface course asphalt
  • Ensures long life of road surfaces
  • Is hard wearing – providing a durable material that will not wear away
  • Resists polishing, providing safe riding surfaces for the whole life of the road.
Used for surfacing domestic driveways as well as heavy industrial areas and the heaviest trafficked roads including SHW 942 thin surfacings, CSAggs steel slag aggregates are approved by the National Highways for use on the trunk road network (including motorways) for all traffic levels and site categories where aggregates with a minimum polished stone value (PSV) up to and including 60 are required in NH Standard HD36.

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