Topflow Screed C

Fast Drying Cement based screed


Topflow Screed C is a fast drying, cement based, free flowing screed that can be trafficked after just 24 – 48 hours and dries within 21-28 days, providing flexibility in installation and the overall build program. And because it is a cement-based product, it is compatible with most cement based adhesives and floor leveling compounds.

Combining the ease and speed of application of a flowing anhydrite-based screed with the key properties of a traditional dry screed, Topflow Screed C also provides the benefit of reduced drying times.

Where can Topflow Screed C be used?

Floor screed for wet rooms

Topflow Screed C is a high-performance cement-based flowing screed that is ideal for wet rooms.

Screed for floors

Topflow Screed C is a free flowing cement-based screed that is ideal for unbonded, bonded or floating floor construction.

Floor screed for new build and renovation work

High performance time saving flowing screed for new build housing and house renovation.

Residential and comercial floors

All residential and commercial floors carrying pedestrian traffic within BS 8204.

Screed for underfloor heating

Topflow Screed C is a free flowing cement-based screed that is ideal for underfloor heating.

Floor screed for single or multi-storey buildings

High performance thin floor screed for tall buildings.

Why use Topflow Screed C?

Additional info

Topflow Screed C offers the following performance characteristics:

Flow range = 260mm + - 20mm
Maintenance of fluidity = 2 hours
Compressive strength at 28 days = 20N/mm2
Flexural strength at 28 days = 4N/mm2
Wet Density = 2,200kg/m3
Thermal conductivity = 1.7 to 2.9w/mK
Fire rating (BS 476: Part 4) = non-combustible

Area of up to 150m2 can be laid without joints, Over underfloor heating 100m2, joints should also be formed between different heating zones within the floor.

Topflow Screed C is a low shrink cementitious flooring solution with shrinkage values comparable to anhydrite screeds.

Topflow Screed C can be laid in thinner depths than traditional screed.

Minimum thickness
Bonded – 30mm Nominal 50mm
Unbonded – 35mm minimum nominal 50mm
Floating over thermal insulation – 35mm (residential) 40mm (commercial) Cover to heating pipe 30mm

Maximum thickness
Recommended to be no more than 50mm. Depths over this may impact on drying times

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