Granulated Slag (GBS)


The rapid cooling of molten slag by large quantities of water produces sand-like granule aggregate. Primarily ground into a cement replacement known as ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) this is used in ready-mixed and precast concrete and masonry, floor levelling compounds and high temperature resistant building products.

Responsibly sourced
All of our slag aggregates are certified to BES 6001, giving customers the confidence that materials are sourced and manufactured in a responsible way. This certification also helps customers achieve extra points under BREEAM, Code for Sustainable Homes and CEEQUAL schemes.

Tarmac slag aggregates provide a high quality alternative to primary aggregates for use in a range of asphalt applications. They have inherent benefits which can play a critical part in delivering sustainable construction projects, providing the built environment today while managing resources for tomorrow.


Where can Granulated Slag (GBS) be used?

Cement replacement as GGBS

Granulated Slag (GBS) can be used as a cement replacement.

Glass making

Granulated Slag (GBS) can be used in glass making.

Sand replacement

Granulated Slag (GBS) can be used as a sand replacement.

Hydraulic bound mixtures (HBM)

Granulated Slag (GBS) can be used in hydraulic bound mixtures (HBM).