Ultibed Concrete

Rapid set and rapid strength concrete for highways use


Ultibed Concrete is a rapid set and rapid strength concrete for highways use.

Ultibed Concrete is a high performance rapid set and rapid strength concrete designed for permanent installation and repair to concrete structures, highways, bridge deck repair, backfill for carriageway ironwork, post installations and barrier erection. Ultibed Concrete can be opened to traffic just 90 minutes after being mixed and placed.

Ultibed Concrete is perfect for any application that requires high early strength gain and a quick return to service time. It's rapid set and early strength development help reduce construction and road closure times, making it ideal for both planned and emergency repairs.

Ultibed Concretes Fully comply with Highways England HD 27/15.

Rapid set and rapid strength concrete for highways use.

Where can Ultibed Concrete be used?

Concrete for planned highway maintenance

Ultibed Concrete has rapid setting and early strength gain properties, making it ideal for planned highway repairs.

Concrete for emergency highway repairs

With rapid setting properties and early strength gain, Ultibed Concrete has make it ideal for emergency highway repairs

Concrete for carriage ironwork installs

Ultibed Concrete is fast setting and strong. Ultibed Concrete conforms to preferred method 7 for backfill of carriage ironwork.

Highway post and barrier concrete

Ultibed Concrete has been designed for highway use and is ideal when installing posts and erecting barriers.

Concrete for concrete bridge deck repairs

The rapid strength high performance properties of Ultibed Flowing Concrete make it ideal for bridge deck repairs.

Complements Ultibed bedding mortars.

Ultibed Concrete has been purposely designed to complement the Ultibed range of bedding mortars.

Why use Ultibed Concrete?

Additional info

Ultibed Concrete is a pre-blended, one part, rapid setting concrete designed to complement the Ultibed range of bedding mortars and is formulated for use in the backfill of carriageway ironwork, post and barrier erection or bridge deck repair.

Ultibed Concrete is available in both 25kg water resistant plastic bags or tubs. The premixed product is simple to use and only requires the addition of water on site.

When using Ultibed Concrete tools and equipment can be cleaned easily with water. Tools and equipment should be cleaned as soon as is practicable and well away from the application area.

Technical data

  • Water Addition (per 25kg) 2.3 to 2.8 litres
  • Workability 5-10 minutes
  • Set Time <20 minutes
  • Shrinkage Less than 0.001%
  • Density 2250-2300kg/m3
  • Yield (per 25kg) 12.0 litres

Compressive Strength

  • 1 hour 15.0 N/mm2
  • 90 minutes 20.0 N/mm2
  • 2 hour 23.0 N/mm2
  • 7 days 42.0 N/mm2
  • 28 days 50.0 N/mm2

The above figures are derived from laboratory testing at 20°C and at a WSR of 0.11.

Ultibed concretes are also available with PLUS+ technology, improving performance and reducing environmental impact.

Product benefits

  • Enhanced strength gain
  • 3D fibre reinforcement
  • Contains recycled glass aggregate

Ultibed Concrete is just one of the many innovative concrete solutions that are available from Tarmac.

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