Trucks for sale

Volvo 450

Reference ID: T-001
Location: Based in Skipton N Yorks
Available: Now
Year: 65 plate
Mileage: 190,000 although will go up as in daily use
Price: £POA

8x4 tipper, 11ltr, Globetrotter sleeper cab, Euro 6, Alloy wheels, Light bars, Silver FORS spec, Wrapter sheet system, Very tidy truck.


Volvo FM450

Reference ID: T-002
Location: Renishaw, Derbyshire
Available: Now
Year: 2014
Price: £POA

M.O.T. FEB 2020, PPG body and chutes, All Tarmac Spec, Full 360 cameras system, Left turn alarm ect, One owner from new.

07968980513Bob Duffield

Renault Lander

Reference ID: T-006
Location: Sunthorpe
Available: Now
Year: 2012
Price: £POA

8x4 Rigid Tipper, Registered 10/01/2012, MOT Jan 2020, Brigade 360 cameras.

07950653726George Langton

Renault Euro 6

Reference ID: T-011
Location: Torcoed
Available: March 2020
Year: 2017
Mileage: 180,000 km
Price: £POA

13 ltr, I Shift 12 speed auto box, Wilcox Body with 3 chutes, Dawbarn Wraptor Sheet, 360 degree camera & side scan, PM weigher, Durabrite Alloys, Air Horns, Full Volvo Service History, Full Tarmac livery & spec.


Renault Premium 8x Tipper

Reference ID: T-018
Location: Teesside
Available: Now
Year: 2013
Mileage: 424,047
Price: £POA

MOT until 31st July 2020, FORS Compliant, All round camera system, Auto Box, Full Tarmac livery and spec.


Martrans 8 plank walking floor trailer

Reference ID: T-019
Location: N/A
Available: Now
Year: 2017
Price: Offers in region of - £45,000

MOT Feb 2020, Full Tarmac spec, Tyres good, Front lift axle, Self tracking rear steer, 2 year warranty check at Martrans March 2019, Ready to go.

MAN TGM 26.340 6x4

Reference ID: T-023
Location: N/A
Available: Now
Year: 2016
Price: £53,000 or nearest offer

Insulated tipper, Just had new sheet motor fitted, comes with 360 degrees cameras, cable detector, manual gearbox, fully maintained by man at Altofts/ normanton including 6 week inspections and services/ mot.


Volvo fm 450 June 2019

Reference ID: T-030
Location: Durham
Available: March 2021
Price: £POA

I shift gearbox, Wraptor sheet, Pm weigher, Factory satnav dab radio, Visibility pack, Volvo maintained, Remainder of Volvo warranty.


Daf CF440 Tipper

Reference ID: T-031
Location: Renishaw
Available: Now
Price: £50,000 + VAT ono

Excellent Condition, MOT Oct 20 - will put full MOT on the truck, 8 wheeler tipper, PPG body, Weigher, 360 camera's, Loading camera, Euro 6, Manual Gearbox, Power cable detector, CB, Insulated body, Electric sheeting system, Good all round tyres, 2 Chutes, Serviced by dealer, 1 owner, Tarmac and Fors spec.


Titan walking floor

Reference ID: T-032
Location: N/A
Available: Now
Year: 2017
Price: £POA



Reference ID: T-036
Location: Lanarkshire
Available: March/April time
Price: £70,000 Or Nearest Offer

Manual 16 speed gear box, Full Exclusive interior leather trim, microwave, fridge, FORS Camera System, Universal Weighing And Tipping equipment, 1 Year warranty, 1 year six weekly checks.


Mercedes Econic

Reference ID: T-039
Location: N/A
Available: Now
Year: 2018
Mileage: 90,000kms
Price:£97,500 + vat

4 way camera system, Side sensors, Excellent condition, Never used on Ashpalt, Mercedez Warranty until August 2021.


Volvo FM 11 410

Reference ID: T-040
Location: Torcoed
Available: February/March
Year: 2014
Mileage: 300000 miles still in use
Price: £POA

PPG body 2x chut, Pm1155 Weigher, Fors compliant, Tarmac spec.


68 Scania G450

Reference ID: T-052 
Location: Coxhoe
Available: October 2021
Year: 2019 
Price: £POA

Aliweld body 360 cameras through radio. Mot dec 202,1 all service work carried out by Scania.

07961 797 987James

Renault Premium

Reference ID: T-055 
Location: Leicester
Available: Now
Year: 2014
Mileage: 425,000 kms
Price: £28,000

Insulated, Euro 5, Sleeper Cab, weigher, 20.3T payload, 360 camera system, MOT till November 2021.

07412 025 287

Scania R410 

Reference ID: T-056 
Location: Cornelly
Available: October 2021
Year: May 2018
Mileage: 120,000
Price: £POA

Wilcox body, 5 camera brigade system, comfort pack fridge, Tarmac spec, immaculate throughout, alloy wheels, PM weigher.

07976 361 423Rhydian

Renault Tipper

Reference ID: T-057 
Available: Now
Year: 2018
Mileage: 212031 KMS vehicle in use so this will increase.
Price: £85,000.00 + Vat

MOT September 2021, Full Tarmac Spec, F.O.R.S. Gold Compliant, In Cab Camara System including camara in cab, P.M. Weigher, Wilcox Wilcolite Insulated Body with two Tar Hatches, Full Main Dealer Service History.

07956 976 225Sean

Mercedes Econic

Reference ID: T-060
Location: Greenwich
Available: Now
Year: 2018
Mileage: 89,500 miles
Price: £POA

8X4 Tipper. Main Dealer Maintained. Panoramic Windscreen and full glazed passenger door makes it 5* Direct Vision Standard Rated. Full Tarmac Spec.

07939 955 093

Renault 430

Reference ID: T-063
Location: Cardiff
Available: Now
Price: POA

Tarmac spec, Insulated, Euro 6 Sleeper Cab, 360 cameras, Onboard weigher, Wilcox body, Very good condition.

07969 142 084Steve

Renault C440 8x4 Tipper

Reference ID: T-064
Location: Strathclyde
Available: September
Year: 2017 66 Plate
Mileage: 427K
Price: POA

MOt Mar 22, Full Tarmac / FORS Spec, Fully Renault Maintained, Wilcox body/ Harsh Geat. One Owner/One Driver from new. Alloys, Sleeper Cab, Lightbar, Air horns ETC

07860 582 196Drew

Scania G410 8x4

Reference ID: T-065
Location: Glasgow
Available: Now
Year: Registered May 2017
Mileage: 335,000kms
Price: £68,000

MOT May 2022, Manual gearbox, Alloy wheels, Wilcox body, Dawbarn sheet, PM1155 weigher, Air conditioning, Brigade camera system & side scan.

07527 136 789

Scania R490

Reference ID: T-066
Location: N/A
Available: Now
Year: 2017
Mileage: 240,000kms
Price: £75k

Euro 6, Manual gearbox, Auto Sheet, Auto Tailgate, 360 Cams, Alloys, New MOT

07535 479 496Mark

Renault T460 2015

Reference ID: T-067
Location: N/A
Available: Now
Year: 2017
Mileage: N/A
Price: £75k + VAT

Mot until 31/5/22, Dual wet kit, Main dealer serviced, Wilcox Walking floor trailer 2017, New floor (Over £25k spent)

07833 910 864Steve

Scania 410

Reference ID: T-068
Location: Port Talbot
Available: Now
Year: June 2018
Mileage: N/A
Price: £POA

MOT Aug 2022, Sleeper Cab, Leather Seats, Full Tarmac Spec, Alloy Wheels.

07552 786 425Sandy

Martrans Walking floor trailer x3 2018/2019

Reference ID: T-069
Location: N/A
Available: Now
Year: 2018
Price: £POA

All new steel slats, J bearings and side walls, Rear steer axle, Alloy wheels.

07833 910 864Steve

Volvo FM500

Reference ID: T-070
Location: Durham
Available: Now
Year: 2016
Price: £POA

Aliweld body, brigade 360 camera system, pm weigher, durabright alloys, FORS compliant, truck will have full years MOT.

07712 188 589David


Reference ID: T-071
Location: Kington, Herefordshire
Available: Now
Year: Dec, 15
Mileage: 248,000
Price: £42,000

8x4 tipper, 12 Ltr, Euro 6, Auto, Sleeper Cab, Bulkrite body (re-done last year), Dawbarn Wraptor Sheet, 360 camera & side scan, fitted fridge. Full Tarmac livery & spec. Tyres good all round, fully maintained, MOT March 2022. Excellent Condition.

07453 613 780Carl

Scania P450

Reference ID: T-072
Location: Ashbourne
Available: Now
Year: 2016
Mileage: 665777 still in daily use
Price: £POA

Euro 6, Wilcox Body, On Board Weigher, Manual 8 Speed Gearbox, MOT till Oct 21, Brigade 5 Camera system plus Side Scan & Chat.

07446 832 056

2018 Titan Aggregate and Asphalt Walking Floor trailer

Reference ID: T-073
Location: Glasgow
Available: Now
Year: 2018
Price: £POA

1 owner from new, Recent plough overhaul.

07527 136 789John

Scania G450

Reference ID: T-074
Location: Cornelly
Available: Now
Year: Feb 2016
Price: £POA

Euro 6, Manual Gear box, Tarmac Spec

07973 326 244Ryan

Renault C Range Hi Roof 460

Reference ID: T-075
Location: N/A
Available: Now
Mileage: 342798
Year: 2015
Price: £58,000

Comfort Cab with Full Leather, Durabrites, Wilcox Body, PM weigher, Wraptor Sheet.

07808 173 678Mike