Amelia Trust Farm on firmer ground thanks to donation from Tarmac

May 30, 2022

Visitors to Amelia Trust Farm are more sure-footed thanks to a 37-tonne donation of stone chippings from Tarmac.

Staff at the Barry-based charity – which helps disadvantaged young people gain skills, confidence and experience to help them move forward at a critical time in their lives – used the chippings to level woodland paths around the farm, after many of them had become worn and weather beaten.

Karen Turnbull, director of Amelia Trust Farm, said: “We’d like to thank Tarmac for their recent donation of stone chippings. With so many paths across the farm and in the woodland, it’s inevitable that they will become worn over time, especially with the British weather.

“With your help, we’ve been able to level out some of the more weathered paths to make them more easily accessible for visitors. As a small charity, support from businesses like Tarmac is invaluable in helping us to keep our countryside sanctuary looking the best it can be.”

Stuart Escott, manager of Tarmac’s nearby Aberthaw Cement Plant, added: “The charity makes a massive contribution to the community, and we’re pleased to support it however we can.”

The farm, which opened over 30 years ago, is also a countryside sanctuary for the local community to enjoy and is home to a variety of animals from rabbits and ferrets, to pigs, alpacas and donkeys. For more information about Amelia Trust Farm, visit