Tarmac keeps employees warm at West Midlands COVID-19 vaccine centre

February 3, 2021

Tarmac has supplied employees with coats during their shifts at a Walsall based COVID-19 vaccine centre. Employees including marshals and traffic volunteers have been guiding the busy traffic at the centre each day, despite cold and wet weather conditions.

The COVID-19 vaccination employees have been redeployed from other facilities such as libraries and leisure centres which have closed during lockdown.

Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council requested the support of Tarmac in providing directional signage to manage the traffic in the area, new COVID-19 signposts and gritting of the roads. While on-site, employees from the company, which provides highways maintenance services to the Borough Council, noticed the employees out in the cold and supplied them with Tarmac and Walsall Council branded coats.

Steven Chapman, contracts manager at Tarmac said: “It is lovely to be able to give back and provide a little support to those helping with COVID-19 vaccinations. The cold really hits in the evening, and we hope the coats keep the employees a little warmer during their shifts.

“After seeing the employees’ dedication, I have offered up some of my spare time to volunteer in the evenings. Around 700 to 1000 people travel to the centre to get vaccinated every day. This includes many high-risk groups who need support and guidance in finding their way to the centre. As a volunteer, I help direct the crowds, ensuring they are following guidelines and queuing safely.”

Kathryn Moreton, head of highways and transport and Walsall Council said: “We value Tarmac as a partner and the high-quality work the business carries out for us across Walsall. We appreciate the kind gesture towards the employees who have been nothing short of inspirational throughout the pandemic.”

The work Tarmac undertakes in Walsall includes maintaining the Borough’s highways assets, delivering a range of services including road resurfacing, specialist surface treatments and gully cleansing.

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