#Tarmac120: Quick-fire interview with Andy Howdle, technical coordinator for Tarmac’s national contracting team

September 26, 2023

From starting with us in 1987 to going on to help build a racetrack in the Bahrain desert, Andy’s role has certainly evolved over the years.

Here’s a quick-fire interview on how Andy got to where he is today:

Where did your career with Tarmac begin?

“I started at Tarmac in 1987, after I finished college. I started by doing night shifts working in a lab testing coal before I progressed to become a lab technician and then into an area technical manager role.”

What does your current role involve?

“I now work in national contracting, and my role is focused on proving what we make complies with the necessary regulations. In simple terms, I helped to make the stone before and now I help to lay it.”

What do you think makes Tarmac a great company?

“The strong team ethic – we’re experts and get the job done.”

What are the highlights from your career?

“Our work surfacing the Formula 1 tracks. We were asked to help build a racetrack in the Bahrain desert in 2002. The race was in April, and we started the project just before Christmas. It was challenging, but really exciting to be part of it.”

What are you looking forward to most about the 120-year celebrations?

“Seeing old pictures is great as it allows us to relive the past and piece together our history.”

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