Tilehurst Panthers poised to pounce after donation from Tarmac 

November 22, 2021

An all-girls football team is poised to pounce on their rivals, dressed in new shirts thanks to a donation from Tarmac.

Tilehurst Panthers under 12s will proudly sport their brand new hoodies both at training and for pre-match warm up when they take to the field in the Berkshire County Girls Football League Division One.

Manager Kye Punter said: “For many of our girls, this is their first year in the league and they are excited to be able to turn out looking professional. Some of them have been playing since they were five years old when they started in our development centre.

“Berkshire has a very strong league. It will be very competitive, but the girls are glad just to be playing. The parents are pleased with the sponsorship too because football kit is not cheap!”

Tilehurst Panthers is one of the biggest football clubs in the country with hundreds of players training and playing every week. The club boasts teams from under 7s up to women’s sides, one of which played in the Women’s FA Cup competition last year, losing 2-0 to Eastbourne.

“The youngsters aspire to play at the very top level, and they’re delighted to be in all matching kit and training tops,” added Kye, whose daughter Mya plays in the team.

Tom Preston, Tarmac’s production manager for the south west, said: “We are keen to support local organisations where we can and look forward to seeing Tilehurst Panthers under 12s lift many trophies by the end of the season.”