Specialist asphalt for tennis courts


ULTISPORT TENNIS is a specialist asphalt for tennis courts.

ULTISPORT TENNIS is a high-performance sports surface designed for outdoor tennis courts. The smooth and consistent playing performance of ULTISPORT TENNIS makes it the first choice for outdoor tennis courts. The surface is tough and durable and is ideal for use in parks and community spaces


Where can ULTISPORT Tennis be used?

Safe, accessible asphalt for tennis courts

ULTISPORT TENNIS asphalt is designed for tennis courts. ULTISPORT TENNIS provides a smooth, even surface that is safe for use by children, professional sports people and wheelchair users making it the perfect choice for tennis clubs, leisure centres and school environments.

Red or black tennis court surface

ULTISPORT TENNIS asphalt is available as a red asphalt or conventional black asphalt to suit a range of environments.

Tennis court surface for leisure environments

ULTISPORT TENNIS is an outdoor tennis court asphalt. It provides an all weather, fast draining surface that avoids standing water. ULTISPORT TENNIS is safe for use by children and people with mobility problems, making it ideal for leisure centres and other leisure environments. 

Surface for hockey, netball and outdoor sports

As a porous asphalt surface for hockey, netball and other outdoor spots, ULTISPORT TENNIS avoids standing water and ice even in poor weather conditions.

Fast draining tennis court surface for schools

ULTISPORT TENNIS asphalt provides a fast draining surface that avoids standing water. ULTISPORT TENNIS asphalt is a surface perfect for schools and educational environments. ULTISPORT TENNIS is safe for use by people with mobility problems and children.

Safe surface for parks and community spaces

ULTISPORT TENNIS is a high performance sports surface designed outdoor tennis courts. The surface us tough and durable and is ideal for use in parks and community spaces,

Why use ULTISPORT Tennis?

Additional info

ULTISPORT TENNIS is available in black and red. As part of our ULTICOLOUR range, there is also a range of other colours available. The range covers a choice of aggregate to suit any site requirements.  

ULTISPORT TENNIS is available as a surface course and normally laid to a depth of 25 – 30mm. A permeable binder course is also available, designed to aid drainage, with a recommended layer depth of at 35 – 55mm. ULTISPORT TENNIS uses an innovative modified 100/150 pen binder to improve workability and help contractors achieve a superior finish. 

ULTISPORT TENNIS is just one of the many innovative asphalt solutions form Tarmac.

ULTISPORT MUGA is also available as a specialist asphalt for multi use games areas.

Tarmac's ULTICOLOUR asphalts are also available in a wide range of vibrant colours.

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