Waterproof concrete


TopProof is a waterproof concrete.

TopProof waterproof concrete offers a simple, cost effective alternative to traditional waterproof construction methods. Concrete is naturally porous. This can be a problem for sites exposed to harsh weather conditions, chemical attacks, high humidity and for surfaces that are in constant contact with water. TopProof watertight concrete uses specialist admixtures to produce concrete with very low porosity.

When used in conjunction with approved secondary and tertiary waterproofing systems, TopProof waterproof concrete offers a fully watertight system. Depending on the specification, it saves time by eliminating the need for additional membranes or finishes. It also enhances resistance to chloride diffusion, reducing the risk of reinforcement corrosion and improving long term durability.

TopProof is an integral watertight concrete solution for various applications as defined in BS8102:2009.


Where can TopProof be used?

Waterproof concrete for below ground

TopProof is a waterproof concrete, the ideal solution for below ground structures such as lift pits, basements and car parks.

Concrete for moisture critical environments

TopProof is ideal for moisture critical environments such as computer rooms, electrical and plant rooms, archives, storage facilities and warehouses.

Waterproof concrete for water retaining

TopProof waterproof concrete can be used in water retaining structures such as swimming pools, leisure centres and aquariums.

Waterproof concrete for tunnels 

The properties within TopProof waterproof concrete make it the ideal solution to use in the construction of tunnels.

Waterproof concrete for utilities

Use TopProof waterproof concrete for utilities such as dams, reservoirs, water treatment plants, tidal power stations, sewers and drainage structures.

Waterproof concrete for marine structures

TopProof is a waterproof concrete, ideal for aquatic and marine structures, bridges, river defences, coastal defences, docks, ports and marinas.

Why use TopProof?

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Concrete is naturally porous due to its capillaries forming migratory paths for water to pass through. This porosity can be reduced by adding special active components which block these capillaries, effectively sealing the concrete permanently against the penetration of water and harmful chemicals. TopProof waterproof concrete is designed to meet the requirements of waterproofing as defined in BS8102 (all grades).

The use of specifically tailored admixtures provides TopProof watertight concrete with structurally integral waterproofing. This enables concrete to be poured and compacted with ease in comparison to barrier type products or membranes which function only at the surface of the concrete.

TopProof waterproof concrete can provide a fully integral watertight system, as defined in BS8102:2009, when used in conjunction with secondary waterproofing systems.

TopProof is an ideal cost effective watertight concrete solution for all types of structures that will require retaining the water either in or out.

TopProof waterproof concrete is available with three types of waterproofing admixtures, Hydrophobic Powder, Hydrophobic Liquid and Crystaline Powder, each selected based on client requirements.

Hydrophobic Powder is a powder admixture using hydrophobic and pore blocking technology to create polymer barriers inside pores during the hydration process.

Hydrophobic Liquid is a liquid admixture using hydrophobic and pore blocking technology to create barriers inside pores during the hydration process.

Crystaline Powder is a powder admixture that uses self healing crystalline technology to form a non-soluble crystalline structure, blocking capillaries.

TopProof is available with lower carbon savings, read more about our sustainable concrete here.

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