Chemical resistant asphalt for farm storage clamp

Bay Farm, Barton Mills, Suffolk



Bay Farm


Terrapaving Ltd

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August 2016

The challenge

Three large silage bays were being constructed at Bay Farm in Suffolk and required a durable surface for the base. The chosen surface needed to resist the harsh chemicals produced from the silage, withstand trafficking by heavy farm vehicles and be easy to clean. The client and contractor were aware of the potential damage to conventional asphalts and concretes from the acidic chemicals produced by silage. The timescale was also a challenging as construction of the floors needed to be completed in around four weeks so the bays could be used for storage ahead of the winter months.

Our solution

ULTIGUARD offers enhanced resistance to chemical and acid attack and is ideal for farming applications such as silage clamps. The dense, smooth finish allows for easier cleaning and maintenance and stops the chemicals produced from farming waste damaging the asphalt. ULTIGUARD can be laid quickly, over large areas using conventional pavers and avoids the long curing times associated with conventional concretes. Having used ULTIGUARD before on another silage clamp, the contractor, Terrapaving, was confident of how it would perform on this site.

Results and benefits

The whole project was completed on schedule. In total, 2,000 tonnes of material was laid, including 678 tonnes of ULTIGUARD. The close proximity of the Tarmac Higham plant, just 14 minutes journey from the site, ensured a constant supply of asphalt, helping the contractor to lay large volumes each day. Advice and technical support was available from Tarmac throughout the project from a Technical Product Support Manager and a site technician was on site every other day to test the asphalt. Both the client and the contractor were extremely pleased with the resulting finish. Terrapaving now recommends ULTIGUARD for all new agricultural applications.

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Additional info

Faster completion

Laid quickly over large areas, avoiding extended  closure and lost time.

Easy to clean surface

The dense, smooth finish of ULTIGUARD asphalt makes silage clamps and storage bays easy to clean.

Resistance to vehicle traffic

ULTIGUARD offers improved resistance to trafficking from heavy agricultural vehicles.

Asphalt contact

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