Durable car park surface for business headquarters

Redrow House, Deeside



Redrow PLC


WPI Group

Location type

Office HQ


April 2018

The challenge

Redrow PLC one of the UK’s leading residential housing developers, required a new surface for the car park at its headquarters in Ewloe in Deeside. It was a large site, with around 200 parking spaces for staff and visitors. The new surface would need to withstand the impact of regular vehicle movement and the abrasion caused by power assisted turning. The surface would also be used by larger vehicles making deliveries. Given the nature of the client’s business it was important the new surface was completed to the highest construction standards and reflected well on their reputation.

Our solution

After discussions with the surfacing contractor, Tarmac’s ULTIDRIVE asphalt was chosen as the solution. Designed to resist the long term effects of daily vehicle movement, ULTIDRIVE is a high performance asphalt with a smooth and highly durable finish. An advanced modified binder provides improved resistance to scuffing and abrasion from power-assisted turning. It also reduces softening in hot weather. ULTIDRIVE also provides enhanced resistance to temporary fuel and oil spills compared to conventional asphalt. The chosen surfacing Contractor WPI Group was highly experienced in laying specialist asphalts. Having successfully used ULTIDRIVE on many other projects, they were keen to use it in on this site to optimise durability and pavement life for their client.

Results and benefits

As requested by the client, work would be carried out during weekends to avoid disruption to staff. Around 490 tonnes of ULTIDRIVE was supplied to the site and laid over three consecutive weekends in April 2018. Throughout the work, Tarmac worked with their contractor client to make sure that a steady supply of asphalt was available. This allowed paving to be completed quickly and within the available programme times. The contractor was impressed with the performance of the material on site. The client was delighted with the finish and the fact that work was completed efficiently and without disruption to the operation of their busy head office.

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Additional info

Excellent long lasting finish

ULTIDRIVE helped the contractor to achieve excellent compaction and finish on this large car park. 

Resistance to scuffing 

The modified binder in ULTIDRIVE helped to lock in aggregate and resist damage from vehicle movements and power assisted turning.

Minimum site disruption

ULTIDRIVE asphalt can be laid quickly over large areas of car park using standard paving equipment, to avoid operational disruption on commercial sites.

Asphalt contact

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