Easy and quick pour concrete for housing

The Meadow, Hornby



Bluescape Homes


Oaklea Design & Build

Location type

Housing Development


September 2016

The challenge

Tarmac recommended TOPFLOW, self compacting concrete to Bluescape and demonstrated the effectiveness of the material in a number of case study videos showcasing slabs that had previously been supplied to customers. Bluescape Homes intended to use a power floating mix for the construction of 9 houses which would have resulted in them taking more time to lay the concrete with more men. They would then have needed to hire a power float machine and would have had to wait for the concrete to go off before they could have carried out the power floating.

Our solution

Tarmac recommended TOPFLOW, self compacting concrete to Bluescape and shown them several videos of successful slabs that have been supplied to customers. They offered on site support for the first slab along with the use of their tools. Tarmac explained that TOPFLOW can be poured and completed in 30 to 45 minutes on a house slab. The customer was very interested and decided to give TOPFLOW a try.

Results and benefits

Shaun Dainty from Oaklea was very impressed with the TOPFLOW and was surprised at how smooth the finish was. They didn’t have an account with Tarmac previously, but have now decided to open one for future orders. Shaun has continued to place orders for the rest of the slabs at Hornby, on behalf of Bluescape Homes. The director of Bluescape homes, Mr Ian Beardsworth, is extremely happy with the results.

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Additional info

Quick flowing concrete

Free flowing Topflow concrete can be placed quickly and spread effortlessly to provide an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish.

Self compacting concrete

Topflow self compacting concrete provides an excellent flat surface that can be laid to SR2 tolerances for slabs and floors, eliminating the need for power floating. 

Wide range

Topflow comes in several different variants which includes Topflow Horizontal, Topflow Architectural, Topflow Precast and Topflow Trenchflow.

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