Flowing and spreadable concrete for flooring

Penderys Street, Cardiff



South Wales Concrete Pumping


March 2016


The challenge

The customer approached Tarmac as they were looking for a concrete flooring solution for a project they were undertaking in Cardiff. Their client needed to lay a mezzanine floor but there was limited access to the area. Because of access issues, it wouldn’t be possible to power float the material so the proposed solution would need to be pumpable, easy to place and self levelling. A high quality finish was also required.

Our solution

We offered our client TOPFLOW- a highly fluid, self-compacting concrete. It can be poured quickly, flowing and spreading effortlessly to provide an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish. Because TOPFLOW does not need any compaction or vibration, this also means that noise on site is reduced, improving conditions on site.

Results and benefits

Tarmac supplied 90m3 of TOPFLOW which was delivered, placed and finished within four hours. The product was pumped and placed with ease and did not require any vibration. The customer was provided with an excellent, smooth surface finish that was perfect for the job. This product enabled the customer to complete the job with ease and minimal fuss.

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Additional info

Easy placement 

Topflow concrete placement is fast and easy.  This material is easy to work with to speed up your construction schedule with fewer pour points, reduced manpower and excellent surface finish.

No vibration

Topflow eliminates vibraton and subsequently the risk of vibration white finger. This greatly improves working conditions onsite and reduces noise pollution, while concrete pours can be safely carried out even in built up areas.

Topflow available in different variants

Topflow is available in different variants including Topflow Precast, Topflow Trenchflow, Topflow Architectural and Topflow Horizontal.

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