Inflatable anti-incursion barriers

Inflatable Barriers – safety innovations trialled on M25




Highways England


Tarmac contractors

Location type



August 2019

2019 Serious incursion

M4 elevated section

The Challenge

How can we improve the safety of our people? Prototype developed Q2, 2019

First development stage

Modifications made and trialed


Developed in collaboration with HW Martins and the ACE community on the A14 24th July 2020

Final Development

And product standardisation


The safety, value and efficiency savings

Highways England collaboration

To fully embed under 'rasing the Bar 27' Mandate the use across the ACE region

Work with industry standards commitee

To explore potential compliance with chapter 8

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Asphalt contact

case studies

  • ULTIFOAM and Cement Bound Granular Mixture (CBGM) RAF Waddington, sustainable pavement construction using Ultifoam and CBGM
  • ULTIFOAM A606, Rutland County Council The sustainable recycled road asphalt solution
  • ULTISuDS A sustainable, BBA accredited asphalt SDS system that also contributes to BREEAM - Car park, Portsmouth
  • ULTISuDS A sustainable, BBA accredited asphalt SuDS system that also contributes to BREEAM - Car park, Wigan
  • ULTISuDS BBA accredited sustainable drainage system Glasgow City Council
  • Highway Services Stockport Highway Investment Programme