Time saving, cost effective asphalt for residential avenue

Western Avenue, Poole, Dorset



Poole Borough Council


Poole Borough Council

Location type

Residential Road


September 2014

The challenge

The client, Poole Borough Council needed a resurfacing solution for this failing evolved residential road. The existing surface had been continuously patched and the compacted gravel sub structure was showing through in places due to failed pothole repairs and utility re-instatements. The council required a cost-effective solution that could be completed quickly to minimise disruption for residents and road users. The new surface also needed to resist trafficking and offer lasting durability to avoid future maintenance requirements. A number of protected trees that lined the avenue mean that in some areas only 50mm could be excavated safely without damage to the roots.

Our solution

After consultation with Tarmac on alternative materials, the client chose ULTILAYER, a proprietary 14mm asphalt surface course that can be laid in a single layer up to 60mm thick. By replacing the binder and surface course, it significantly speeds up installation and reduces disruption to road users. It uses a polymer modified binder and results in a significantly more durable surface that is highly resistant to deformation from vehicle loads. The work would be completed by an ULTILAYER accredited contractor, who had received detailed guidance in the use of the material. This gave the client added confidence that the work would be completed to the highest standards.

Results and benefits

The old surface was planed out and ULTILAYER was laid in one continuous layer in depths ranging from 50mm up to 60mm. The work was completed in a single day, without harming any of the trees on the avenue. The client was very happy with the outcome: “In the Borough of Poole we have a large number of evolved roads that date back to the military, port days which are increasingly failing due to age, utility re-instatements, recent cold winters and increased traffic. The 14mm ULTILAYER solution provided us with an option to lay in a single layer reducing time on site reducing local residents disruption whilst preserving the protected tree roots. We have incorporated this material into our selection of available products and intend to use ULTILAYER for future schemes”. Ian Crumpler, Improvement Works Manager, Borough of Poole.

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Additional info

Durable surface for evolved roads

ULTILAYER was flexible and durable enough to cope with the poor condition of this evolved road.

Fast single layer resurfacing

Using a single layer approach speeded up installation and met depth requirments.

Crack resistance

The polymer modified binder would help avoid future cracking from traffic or ground movement.

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