Tough, heavy duty asphalt for fire station

Prescot, Merseyside



Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority


Huyton Asphalt

Location type

Fire Station


January 2018

The challenge

The new, purpose-built Community Fire and Police Station on a two acre site in Prescot required a durable surface for the main yard area, car park and access road. This was a large site, incorporated three fire engine bays, a practice drill tower and community meeting rooms. Having replaced two local fire stations it was expected to be a busy station used by a range of vehicles. With each fire engine weighing up to 13 tonnes and using power-assisted steering the new surface would be subject to extreme turning forces. It would need to offer long-term durability and loss of aggregate due to surface abrasion. The work was scheduled for completion in December so it was likely to be laid in low ambient temperatures.

Our solution

The site yard and access road had been specified as a hot rolled asphalt (HRA) with pre-coated chippings. After early engagement with Huyton Asphalt the surfacing contractor, it was agreed that a more durable and less weather-susceptible solution was required. After considering the options, Tarmac’s ULTIPHALT HD was chosen, a tough, high performance 10mm asphalt with advanced modified binder. ULTIPHALT HD has been proven to deliver enhanced resistance in challenging environments like container ports and distribution centres. The modified binder enhances durability but also helps to maintain workability and aid compaction, even in low temperatures.

Results and benefits

Around 400 tonnes of ULTIPHALT HD was installed quickly, as planned in December 2017. Less plant and labour was required to complete the work compared to an HRA. This helped save time on site which was a real benefit to the busy surfacing contractor and generated value for their client. As predicted, the asphalt remained workable despite the low temperatures. This helped the contractor to achieve an excellent finish, which was particularly important in hard to access areas and around ironwork. The job was completed on time and the client and supply chain partners were delighted with the outcome: “This material was able to offer a highly durable finish, providing a long term surface in the high stress areas caused by the emergency vehicles.” Abbie Statham Business Development Manager Huyton Asphalt.

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Additional info

Heavy Duty asphalt for fire stations

The tough, dense surface of ULTIPHALT HD is ideal for environments like fire stations with large heavy vehicles.

Excellent workability

Despite the low seasonal temperatures, the asphalt stayed workable, ensuring excellent compaction 

Fast installation

Ultiphalt HD is installed quickly and is opened far quicker than conventional concretes which have long curing times.

Asphalt contact

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