Gabion Stone

Stone for gabion baskets


Crushed rock graded to specific size for filling gabion baskets. 

Gabion stone is used to fill gabion baskets which are installed for ground stabilisation works or retaining walls. The metal baskets have typically a 75mm square mesh.

Widely used in construction gabion stones are a flexible material for landscaping and gardening. Used commercially and by DIYers gabion stones are aesthetically pleasing, available in a range of colour and accessible across the UK.


Additional info


Gabion stone is available across the UK.

Flexibile building

Gabion stone can be used in construction and landscaping applications.


Natural materials, Gabion stones are long lasting.


Effective in applications that require strength such as retaining barriers.


Gabion stones create beautiful, natural landscaping 

Cost Effective

Once installed Gabion stone lasts

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