HGV resisting grouted asphalt


ULTICRETE is a HGV resisting grouted asphalt.

The result of Tarmac’s unrivalled expertise in cement and asphalt technology, ULTICRETE is an advanced grouted asphalt. It offers outstanding resistance to deformation and delivers lasting performance in the most extreme environments including aircraft refuelling areas, container ports and distribution centres. It offers comparable resistance to concrete but with far shorter completion times. It can be opened to pedestrian traffic in as little as 7 hours, light vehicle traffic after 24 hours and heavy vehicles after 48 hours.

ULTICRETE is a heavy duty grouted asphalt.


Where can ULTICRETE be used?

Heavy duty asphalt for distribution centres

High resistance to HGV traffic makes ULTICRETE grouted asphalt the ideal choice for heavy duty outside surfacing in heavily trafficked commercial environments such as distribution centres and loading bays.

Heavy duty asphalt for container ports 

ULTICRETE grouted asphalt has internal properties that give it tough durability and a high resistance to continued use from HGV traffic. This makes ULTICRETE grouted asphalt the ideal surface for distribution centres.

Heavy duty asphalt for HGV loading bays

The grouted asphalt surface provides enhanced structural performance from the excellent aggregate interlock and specialist heavy duty grout, to provide a durable surface that prevents cracking and deformation.

Long lasting asphalt for hardstanding areas

ULTICRETE grouted asphalt is an alternative to concrete. ULTICRETE offers excellent long lasting performance and outstanding resistance to deformation. These properties make it ideal surfacing for hardstanding areas.

Long lasting grouted asphalt for bus stations 

With properties that allow resistance to static loading and surface abrasion from movement of heavy vehicles, makes ULTICRETE grouted asphalt the ideal choice of surface to be used in bus stations.

Long lasting asphalt for transport hubs 

ULTICRETE is a heavy duty grouted asphalt. Offering comparable resistance to concrete but with far shorter completion times, makes it perfect for use in transport hubs. It also ideal for use in aircraft refuelling areas.


Additional info

ULTICRETE is a heavy duty, HGV resisting grouted asphalt. With resistance to fuel spillage such as aviation fuel, diesel, petrol and de-icers, ULTICTRETE can be installed in many different commercial and industrial settings.

ULTICRETE is only available for installation by our own expert Contracting division who evaluate each site to make sure our clients get the right solution and then deliver it to the highest industry standard.

ULTICRETE is just one of the many innovative asphalt solutions form Tarmac.

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