ULTIPATCH Linemaster

Line marking spray for highways


ULTIPATCH Linemaster is a line marking spray for highways.

ULTIPATCH Linemaster is a durable, quick drying paint for use with stencils, line marking equipment or for free hand applications.

Available in blue, yellow, red and white in 750ml aerosol cans. The colour of the cap on the can denotes the colour of the paint.

With quick drying times areas can be marked out with ease when using ULTIPATCH Linemaster.

ULTIPATCH Linemaster is a line marking spray for marking out highways and surface areas.


Where can ULTIPATCH Linemaster be used?

Line marking for highways

ULTIPATCH Linemaster is ideal to be used for road marking, highway maintenance, road repairs and spot marking.

Line marking for utilities

ULTIPATCH Linemaster can be used by utility organisations for surveying and surface identification of underground services.

Line marking for commercial

ULTIPATCH Linemaster can be used on car parks, within factories, for hazard warnings and in warehouse layouts.

Line marking for educational

ULTIPATCH Linemaster can be used in education environments such as on playgrounds, play areas and sports surfaces.

Line marking for zoning

ULTIPATCH Linemaster is ideal for zonal marking, setting out and identification of internal and external areas.

Line marking for lesiure

ULTIPATCH Linemaster is ideal for use in leisure facilities such as tennis courts, sports surfaces, play areas and other leisure spaces.

Why use ULTIPATCH Linemaster?

Additional info

ULTIPATCH Linemaster is available in 4 colours, blue, yellow, red and white and comes in 750ml aerosol cans.

Store ULTIPATCH Linemaster out of direct sunlight and within a temperature range of 10-50oC.

ULTIPATCH Linemaster provides a durable finish with excellent adhesion.

ULTIPATCH Linemaster has a shelf life of 1 month subject to proper temperature and humidity conditions.

ULTIPATCH Linemaster has many applications and is used by many different organisations.

ULTIPATCH Linemaster is just one of the many innovative solutions form Tarmac.

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