Lightweight, foamed concrete


Topfoam is a lightweight, foamed concrete. Topfoam is a lightweight, pumpable concrete to encapsulate pipework or conveniently fill voids.

Topfoam foamed concrete has been specifically developed for void fill. Simply pour into place to the required level, Topfoam needs no compaction, has excellent insulating properties and can be delivered to site in conventional readymix concrete trucks.

Topfoam foamed concrete is highly workable and can be placed by either direct discharge from the mixer vehicle or via a standard concrete pump.

Topfoam is a low density, free flowing, easy to place foamed concrete for void fills and trench reinstatement applications. 


Where can Topfoam be used?

Foamed concrete for tank fill

Topfoam foamed concrete is the ideal solution when filling disused fuel, water and effluent tanks.

Foamed concrete for utility trench infill

Topfoam foamed concrete is the ideal backfill material when laying new utilities.

Foamed concrete for backfill Pipelines

The void found when laying new pipelines, can be filled using Topfoam foamed concrete.

Foamed concrete for subway fill

The properties of Topfoam foamed concrete are ideal for filling in disused subways.

Foamed concrete for disused culverts fill

Topfoam foamed concrete can be used when filling the void in disused culverts

Foamed concrete for bridge deck infilling

The properties of Topfoam foamed concrete make it ideal for construction of bridge decks.

Foamed concrete for filling disused sewers

When decommissioning sewers, Topfoam concrete can be used the fill the void.

Foamed concrete for void fill in mine workings

Voids in disused mines can be effectively filled with Topfoam foamed concrete.

Foamed cocrete for HAUC reinstatements

Topfoam foamed concrete can be used when conducting HAUC reinstatements.

Why use Topfoam?

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Topfoam Road is also available, developed for highway applications. 

Topfoam Road is a free flowing concrete ideal for trench reinstatement compliant with HAUC ( Highway Authorities & Utilities Committee) legislation.

With Topfoam Road, no compaction is required and lateral support is restored to adjacent services. A wearing course can generally be laid within 24 hours.

Applications include cable and other utility trenches, carriageway excavations and HAUC reinstatements.

Topfoam foamed concrete can be engineered to deliver tailored requirements for density and end strengths dependent on project applications. Compressive strengths range from 1N/mm2 to 10N/ mm2 and wet densities range from 800kg/m2 - 1800kg/m2.  Topfoam foamed concrete can be delivered as a base mix to specialist contractors if a lower density is required.

Topfoam is available with lower carbon savings, read more about our sustainable concrete here.

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