CD&E Recovery & Landfill

At Tarmac we are committed to land recovery.

A number of our former quarries are used to take the materials we can’t currently reprocess - these are restoration projects in progress. We utilise material from your project to restore our quarries and bring the land back into beneficial use. This allows us to create a whole new second life for the material we process.

Our strategy is founded on the thinking that waste is a resource in the wrong place. This approach is a fundamental shift in perception and understanding the impact of waste recovery across daily life is critical if we are to set as default the necessity of REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

Part of our service is to identify the best recovery options for individual programmes.

If you are looking for efficient and productive reuse/disposal strategies for your schemes – talk to us.

Working together - we can change the way we look at waste.

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A Framework for sustainability

Our proven capability of landfill and recovery of construction waste is a key strategy supporting our sustainability commitments. This closed loop aggregate manufacture further reinforces our drive to use the material and land assets we manage to best effect throughout all aspects of their lifecycle management.

It forms part of our sustainability framework and the range of innovative recycled solutions we offer are designed not just to reduce waste, but that actively contribute to improved circular economy performance and closed loop recycling.


the landscapes of landfill


Our recovery and landfill sites accept inert, naturally occurring materials such as soils. Our sites are restored with these materials and completed restorations then revert to agricultural and natural environments or are developed for other uses.