High performance strength concrete for factory yard

South Gyle, Edinburgh



Burtons Biscuits


J Sives Surfacing

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January 2016

The challenge

Burton Biscuits were looking to have an essential yard repair carried out at one of their busiest factories in the UK and at what is one of their busiest times of the calendar year. The client could not close down the entire yard space and as a result the repairs had to be carried out as quickly as possible, causing minimal impact to production and haulage movements.

Our solution

Tarmac’s TOPROC ES was proposed for its rapid strength development, abrasion resistance and high wear, which the client obviously required due to the vehicle movements in the heavily trafficked yard.

Results and benefits

Through careful planning with the client’s yard manager, the contractor excavated and filled 16m3 panels - one at a time - to maximise truck trafficking areas and reduce restrictions on vehicle movements. This allowed the repair to be carried out over a couple of months but most of all allowed business to continue as normal. The concrete was consistent in compressive strength even though the temperatures fluctuated greatly due to the time of year. 124m3 of TOPROC ES was delivered to this extremely satisfied client.

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Use in extreme environments 

Toproc high performance concrete resists corrosives such as chemicals, acids, seawater and de-icing salts and still maintains exceptional durability.

Faster construction time

Toproc dries weeks not months, so it can be worked on soon after placement helping to dramatically cut programme times and costs. Also Toproc is designed to provide a relative humidity at its surface of below 75%.

Faster curing 

Toproc offers faster curing and extreme toughness. Toproc gains strength in hours, not days and on average will gain 25N strength in 24-48 hours compared to a C40N concrete, which typically gains 40N strength in 28 days. The average strength of Toproc is 60N+/28 days.

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